Mesta village is located at the southwestern tip of Chios, in the region of Mastihohoria, 35 kilometers from the city of Chios. It is a lovely, well-preserved medieval village of the Byzantine period (14th and 15th centuries) and one of the most important sights on the island. The village has been designated a preserved medieval monument. It reminds a fortress and has remained unchanged over the centuries.

The beauty of this village is based mainly on its architecture resembling a castle or an interesting, real-life labyrinth that used to make pirates’ time there a nightmare in case they tried to venture inside Mesta in search of goods they could steal.

Ιn Mesta it is mandatory to visit the old and new churches of Archangels (Taxiarchis). On the north – west part of the village, the church of Palaios Taxiarchis, a vaulted one-aisled basilica, which became two-aisled in 1794, with its wooden carved iconostasis, is a local masterpiece of wood-sculpture technique. The church of New Taxiarchis built on the ruins of the old tower, with impressive internal decoration, is a place to visit in the center of the village and its the biggest church of the island.

Our tour in the south of the island includes an enchanting walk through the village lanes, under the arches which form balconies and offers an unforgettable experience to the visitor. The only open space of this castle-like village is its square where visitors can enjoy their coffee, traditional desserts or their meal at local restaurants. Many traditional feasts are taking place during the year. The most well known is the one associated with the custom of “Aga”, which takes place every year on Ash Monday and is combined with various events and traditional dances.

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