Kampos is one of the most unique and beautiful areas of Chios and is located 4km south of Chios town. The whole area is covered with citrus orchards and flowers, creating a magnificent picture which you can better explore by walking through the narrow winding streets. During this walk you can admire the traditional orange-red stone houses of the area with the high stone walls surrounding them. The area is flat with underground water coming from the west hills and these were the reasons for its endless florescence.  In the past, the orchards were watered by huge water wheels turned by animals, while nowadays more modern irrigation means are used. The products harvested from Kampos, especially tangerines, were famous worldwide for their taste and quality.

During 14th century, the area was selected by the Genoese to build their mansions, followed by many local aristocratic families such as the Rallis, Argenti, Petrokokinos, Kalvocoressi and others resulting in creating a new high socio-economic level society. Unfortunately, the massacre of 1822 and the earthquake of 1881 destroyed significant structures but several mansions were preserved helping the traditional character of Kampos to survive.

The area is protected by the Greek Ministry for Culture, as a historic site and traditional settlement. Kampos is a sight worth visiting especially during spring when the blossom is in its best period and you can admire the natural environment and the unique architecture of the area. One of the estates open to the public, giving the chance to the visitors to admire its beauty, is Citrus museum and café. The museum part is housed in the original, restored mansion and the cafe includes also a shop for handmade sweets and products, making it easy for you to take home some of these unique and tasteful memories.

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