south chios



  • Mavra Volia (Emporios): a totally unique volcanic black stone beach (30km south of Chios town). Actually, there are two beaches separated by a small mountain. The black pebbles combined with the crystal clear blue waters create and amazing landscape of wild beauty. The beach gets very crowded in summer, especially during the weekends, but thanks to its length, it offers enough space and privacy. The port of Emporios is less than five minutes away from the beach, where there are the necessary restaurants, cafes and rooms to let.
  • Vroulidia: a small beach close to Mavra Volia with very small pebbles and waters of various shades of blue. During summer’s high season, a small kiosk sells coffee and water. There are no umbrellas or beach chairs while there are 53 steps to climb down to the beach… but the spectacular scenery deserves the trouble.
  • Apothika: a beach close to Mesta village with small pebbles. Waters are clean and cold so do choose it on a very hot summer day. At the beach bar on the hill fresh drinks, well-made sandwiches, coffee and drinks will allow you to chill even. Scuba diving and kayak activities are available.
  • Agia Dynami: a gem whose waters could be easily compared with beaches in Seychelles. It is located 36 km south west of Chios town, near the village of Olympoi and it is named after the chapel of Holy Strength that stands by the bay. It is totally different from the other beaches of the island with turquoise waters and white sand. It is an unspoilt natural heaven so, do prepare for a no sun-bed filled space.
  • Agia Fotia (Agia Foteini): famous among the young people as it is close to the city center and coffee bars, meal choices, beach chairs and umbrellas are all a heartbeat away. As well, many hotel units are in Agia Fotia so, in case you do not wish to move much during your summer holidays, book a place there and have the beach next to you at all times of the day and night. It is pebbly so, if walking on sand is a must, do think it twice.
  • Karfas: one of the most famous and crowded sandy beaches of the island with shallow waters, thus ideal for children and family holidays. Hotels, restaurants, coffee places and mini markets are all over the place and the distance to and from the port and the airport is quit short. At its most part, the beach is organized but at the same time allows those who want to lie on their towel to do so.
  • Megas Limnionas: located 9 km south of Chios town. It is a family friendly beach, mainly with pebbles and at various spots sandy too. It is organized, while restaurants, coffee shops and rooms to let are close by.
  • Komi: further south from Chios town and 4 km from the village of Kalamoti. It is a wide beach suitable for beach games and sunbathing. It is the most popular beach of the island in the south, with various taverns, cafes, rooms to let, mini markets and also water sports facilities. During the summer months you can also visit it in the evening for a drink at one of the café-bars facing the sea.
  • Glaroi beach: located 9 km north of the town of Chios on the way to Lagada. A rather picturesque tiny bay with turquoise waters, loved both by locals and tourists. Sun-beds and umbrellas will be waiting for you and so will the beach bar.
  • Managros: the longest beach of Chios -more than 2 kilometers long- located 40km northwestern of Chios, near Volissos village. Pebbles, sand and cold, deep, waters are the perfect combination for travelers wishing to feel far from civilisation, isolated and yet satisfied by nature’s beauty. It is divided in smaller individual beaches, and this is why locals call them with different names like Magemena, Gonia , Rodhonas etc. In Gonia there is a beach bar with umbrellas and beach chairs. In case you prefer a quiet and relaxing place to swim and enjoy the sun, do go to the southeast part of Managros which is not organized.
  • Elinda: another lovely bay, well-protected by the hills that stand on its sides, 5km from Anavatos and 25km from Chios town. This virgin beach, visible from higher up on the road, caps the stunning scenery, naturally “colored” by the pines. The cool waters (in all shades of blue) will amaze you.
  • Makria Ammos: close to Avgonyma village and 20km from Chios town. A long stretch of a white pebbly beach with blue, crystal waters, definitely an ideal destination for those who wish to relax during their vacation. The place offers no tourist facilities.
  • Lithi beach: this is the natural port of Lithi village which lies 25km southwest of Chios. It is an organized sandy beach with very shallow waters, ideal for children and/or beach lovers. Lithi is mostly known for its local fish taverns that offer fresh fish as well as other local dishes. Hotels, room to let and cafes can be found on location. Remember to watch the sunset from this beach as it is a unique experience!
  • Agios Isidoros: a top picturesque location on eastern Chios, near Lagada, thanks to the small white church built on a rocky spot inside the sea which is connected to the rest of the land and the pebbly beach that lies on its right side with a small man-built “passarela”. A newly-founded beach/cocktail bar and sun beds will be waiting for you.
  • Nagos: is a closed bay, with small pebbles and crystal clear water coming from running water springs. It is located 5Km far from Kardamyla village, in the north part of Chios. There is a small chapel built on the top of the hill and combined with the trees near the beach an even more enchanting landscape is created. During summer you can enjoy your lunch in one of the beachfront restaurants which offer a selection of fish and Greek cuisine dishes.
  • Giosonas is a 800m pebbled beach and it is located 6 km from Kardamyla village in the north east of the island. The water is very clear and in all shades of blue. The place is ideal for everyone as there is a beach bar, on the one side, offering umbrellas and beach chairs leaving the other side for those who prefer a quiet day at the beach.
  • Agia Markella is a long grey sandy and pebbled beach with clean and deep water. The beach lies in front of the Monastery of Saint Markella, the patron saint of the island in a distance of 45 km north west of Chios Town. There is a restaurant-cafe on the beach. The feast day of Agia Markella is on July 22 and it is the most important religious celebration of the island with many pilgrims walking from Chios Town to the monastery of Agia Markella, as an oblation to the saint.
  • Lefkathia is one of the most popular beaches and is located between the port of Limnia and Limnos beach, 42 km southwest of Chios town, near Volissos. It is a small closed bay with thick sand and pebbles which lies between two small hills. It has deep, crystal clear water.  There is a beach bar and many rooms to rent in the area.
  • Viri is located in Lilikas, 1,5km way from Komi beach and 20km south of Chios town. The beach is beautiful with small pebbles and crystal clear water. The place is organized with a beach bar.
  • Daskalopetra (Homer’s stone) is in Vrontados, 7 km from Chios town. The area is named after Homer who according to tradition used to teach to the area and it is one of the best known monuments of the island. It is a beach with white pebbles and crystal clear water, next to a picturesque small port. After swimming you can taste some of the local delicacies, especially fish, in one of the various taverns or enjoy your coffee at the cafes of the area.

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