Chios aegean

General for Chios



Chios is a well hidden treasure in the heart of the NE Aegean. It is the 5th largest island of Greece and is located a few miles away from the Turkish coast. Chios has preserved its authentic character and is famous for the Medieval villages, the mastic  (recently added to the UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity) and also for the numerous churches and monasteries. It is Adamantios Korais’ birthplace and, as tradition has it, of Homer.

Its beautiful coastline consists of 91 magnificent beaches that share a common characteristic: the crystal water. Chios is mostly famous for its unique Medieval villages with the special castle-type architecture and the narrow paved alleyways making visitors feel as if they have travelled back in time. Additionally, one of the most distinctive areas of the island is Kampos, characterized by the beautiful, old, stone mansions, the narrow roads and its gardens and orchards “overflowing” with citrus trees, jasmine and olive trees. This was the wealthiest near-the-city suburb of affluent Genoese and Greek aristocratic families during the 14th century. Nowadays, too, it remains well-preserved and the houses one can see are still admirable and even the new ones, built according to certain architectural standards. A tour around the island will bring visitors to places of truly authentic beauty and of relaxing atmosphere. All the above, along with mastic, tangerine and jasmine aromas will offer you a well-remembered destination that will allow you to recharge your batteries and have fun at the same time.

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