Castle of Chios

10 unique sightseeings to see in Chios island

  1. The Castle of Chios town lies just a few meters from the main port and it was constructed during the medieval years. A walk through its narrow streets will unfold the Ioustiniani Palace, the Kria Vrisi (Cold Fountain), the massive tower known as Kula and will offer you a fascinating tour through the ages.
  2. Kampos is an area of traditional medieval character near downtown Chios. Citrus trees and beautiful stone houses enhance the beauty of the landscape. The Greek Ministry of Culture recently proclaimed it a historical site.
  3. Mavra Volia beach is on the southwestern coast of Chios 5 km from the village of Pyrgi. It is a unique place as the black pebbles and rocks formed from magma erupted from a volcanic eruption in prehistoric era. It is divided in two parts, the black stones or black beach and Foki. It is one of the most famous beaches in Greece and the scenery leaves one speechless. Please remember always when visiting the place, not to remove the black pebbles as it is forbidden.
  4. Pyrgi is the largest village of Chios in the south and an important mastic gum producer, located 25 km from the town of Chios. It is also called the “painted” village due to the fine decoration of the houses: grey and white geometrical shapes carved on the facades of houses, follow patterns of the Italian architecture.
  5. Chios Mastic Museum is a modern thematic museum organized in three units and an outdoor part. Here you may go around the traditional way of mastic cultivation and discover its influence on the everyday life of the area, as well as the evolution of the cooperative spirit in modern times. In its outdoor space you may get in touch with the mastic tree and the natural environment where it grows.
  6. The Cave of Olympoi is an impressive natural attraction about 35 km from Chios town and 5 km from Olympoi village. This Cave is famous for its extraordinary stalactite formations and is estimated to be of nearly 200,000 years. You can also visit the village of Olympoi, which is one of the traditional mastic-producer villages.
  7. Mesta is the best preserved medieval village of Chios with narrow streets and stone houses which are built in a circular way, like a fortress. Do not forget to visit the Church of Taxiarches with its marvelously curved temple.
  8. Volissos is located 38 km north-west of the centre of Chios. It is a lovely village, the ÔÇťcentreÔÇŁ of northern Chios, built amphitheatrically on the slopes of a hill, at the top of which stands the ruined castle of Volissos. Most nearby beaches are magnificent, with crystal clear waters and still untouched by the vulgarity of modernity.
  9. Anavatos or the ÔÇťMystras of the AegeanÔÇŁ is an almost deserted village located 16km west of Chios town. It was built atop a hill and its unique architecture constitutes an awe inspiring place.
  10. The Monastery of Nea Moni is a monastery dated back to the 11th century with outstanding mosaics that now form living treasures of the past and it is included in the Unesco World Heritage monuments. It is located in central Chios 15km from town.
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